"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."Henry Ford

Palcam, founded during the decade defined by extreme offshoring - had a very clear goal, in fact a BHAG (“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”) defined as taking an undisputed leadership position in transitioning North American back to a position of manufacturing excellence and global leadership. It is with this BHAG in mind that we can clearly articulate our 4 core objectives.

  • Community - building on the idea of local sourcing. Over the past 2 decades our world has become enamoured with the idea that offshoring delivers value, adds value to our life, and our belief was that we would maintain affluence in spite of our diminishing physical contributions. At Palcam we believe in North American manufacturing viability, in spite of perceived disadvantages against offshore competitors. Our mission is to develop and educate members of our community towards manufacturing global competitiveness and excellence.
  • Palcam is obsessed with being the BeST. We are driven to maintain technological leadership in manufacturing precision machined components. Incorporating our BeST process, Palcam optimizes  research and development efforts, yielding cutting-edge technologies and processes - consistently leading the way. There are 2 primary behaviors which are found in the spirit of BeST:
    • Creativity, a mindset which encourages change. Einstein once quoted - “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
    • Possibility Thinking, having a true belief in a future state, and viewing obstacles as manageable sequences of events, is the framework of how we work.
  • Palcam is fanatical about its team, seeking out, and integrating individuals who get it! People who want to make a difference, have a CAN DO mentality, and are passionate about integrating new ideas, and moreover want to have fun. In our mission to be world-class, every employee is perpetually challenged to raise the bar and is regularly held accountable to aim higher in attaining individual growth goals.
  • Customer Satisfaction, yes it seems a cliché, but... A happy customer is great, but it's even better if our customers are happy because we deliver timely commercially superior products.

Listening! Continual effective communications with our stakeholder relationships (Customers, Employees, Suppliers, etc.) simply put increases the possibility that all stakeholders will have their needs understood and ultimately delivered.

  • Palcam's BeST - Raising the Bar In many ways BeST (Blue Sky Thinking) defines who we are and what we do. BeST is why we got to where we are. It is ingrained in our DNA. BeST is our very own process that creates and expands opportunities for both our business and our customers. It’s why we embrace global markets. It’s how we achieve success and it's how we envision the future. BeST is rooted in a spirit of partnership and understanding in its very fiber. In complete alignment, we along with our customers assess market potential, consider the competitive playing field, and identify opportunities to close the gap separating our customers from their goals. Together, with mutual trust, cooperation and an unwavering vision of a win-win solution, we establish near impossible Big Hairy Audacious Goals… goals that make us stretch, goals that cause competitors to flee, and goals that exhilarate everyone. With a sense of excitement, we set out to solve the unsolvable – our team collaborates to find alternative ways to approach the challenge. Putting our BeST foot forward, we dream, we brainstorm, we blue sky, we research, we think outside the box, and we break the mold, persevering until we find superior ways to capture the opportunity. BeST is how we provide our customers with solutions that boost competitiveness, increase efficiency, and enhance their bottom line.

  • Palcam’s Team is fanatically committed to every detail of our strategic plan, the collective result of which is to foster an almost magical environment that inspires our customers, suppliers and employees alike. Our Team is steadfast in delivering the highest value proposition to our target markets. Loyal to our working partnerships with our customers, our team ensures that our customers benefit from our cutting edge manufacturing processes and are provided with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Palcam employees are determined to be part of a world class team. Each member of the team is encouraged to participate in frequent BeST meetings where they are challenged to think outside the box to resolve challenges and make improvements, often advancing efficiencies, in areas such as manufacturing, technology, and health and safety. Palcam’s CEO meets one on one with each and every employee regularly to explain and reinforce our strategy and, more importantly, to listen. Each employee participates in Palcam’s coaching program where goals are set and a mentoring and accountability process increases the likelihood that employees attain their potential. Career Opportunities at Palcam Technologies: Located just north of Toronto in Newmarket, Ontario we seek individuals who share our passion for innovation and hard work. If your objectives compliment ours and you would like to discuss career opportunities at Palcam please contact us.
    Please send inquires to hr@palcam.com
  • Palcam is and has always been recognized as the industry leader when it comes to manufacturing excellence and innovation.
    Palcam continually invests approximately 30% of its resources towards researching better and more creative ways to manufacture products. Although we are always searching for new areas to explore, we have 3 primary areas of exploration.
    Traditionally Palcam would spend most of its development efforts within the realm of Cutting Tool and Process Development, which targets the advancement of subtractive manufacturing methods. Although today we hear much about additive manufacturing, subtractive will remain relevant for years to come. The main objective in our subtractive research efforts is to constantly improve our effectiveness in transitioning raw materials to finished good, through the development of both our processing technology as well as our cutting tools development. Advancements in subtractive technologies, allow our customers to select more advanced materials for the products we manufacture, which in turn puts demand back onto process and cutting tool development. Additive Manufacturing, a research priority for Palcam since 2008, has now become our fastest growing department. By the end of 2021 Palcam will have increased its current capacity to 10 powder bed machines, and 2 deposition machines, with build envelopes of 1 cubic meter. Palcam, stands alone globally in its ability to produce production capable tool steel components that outperform conventionally made billet components, with the added functionality enable through additive design.
    In support of our additive initiatives Palcam has invested in a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory, which allows for continual efforts towards materials development, testing and characterization. In addition to our laboratory Palcam has also installed equipment for both vacuum heat treatment and sputter coating capabilities to allow us complete control over the materials development cycle.

To learn more about our services and or submit an RFQ please email sales@palcam.com